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The back 9 is done!

I’ve gotten through all the sections there are to work on for now…around 45 mins down and done!  Now it’s a waiting game now for the software to be released that will allow me to map Mike’s pre-recorded drums for parts 1-4 into MIDI (done back in what I think was 2004-5?).  The company keeps saying “any day now”, so hopefully we’ll still be on target to start recording some time in October. 

As of now, here’s how the whole thing lays out:

Part 1 00:10:07 Needs drums mapped X    
Part 2 00:11:39 Needs drums mapped X 1st half: 00:32:03
Parts 3-4 00:10:17 Needs drums mapped X    
Parts 5-7 00:12:26 Drum tracks done X    
Parts 8-15 00:32:13 Drum tracks done X 2nd half: 00:44:39
Total: 01:16:42   X    

I’ll post up some info in the near future about how the drums have been handled thus far.

Oh, and it would probably be a good idea to get some sound clips up :-)




So people keep asking what I’m up to…well, many things actually.  But my biggest “goal” at the moment is to finish a giant-ass piece of music that some friends and I started nearly 10 years ago I think.  Ridiculous it has been that long.

It’s funny how life gets in the way of everything.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, I guess) I’ve been unable to give up on this project.  My current goal is to at least have it ready for mixing & mastering by Jan 09.  I need to finally be done with this so I can move on too some much other music waiting in the wings.  It never ends…

More specifics…

Chris Brown – Guitar
Mike Kroher – Drums
Garrett Scroggin – Vocals, bass, keyboards, orchestration, additional drums and all the fooking arranging, recording and editing :-)

The name of the piece of music is called “Presence of Mind”.  It’s a roughly 80 minute story about war, in a general sense.  The overall vibe would be considered progressive…people usually draw the first analogy to Dream Theater.  I personally don’t think we sound much like them, though I guess it’s a closer analog than Kenny Rogers.  I think we are closer to a less euro-metal version of Angra.

Anyway…as of now, the track layout is:

Part 1 – Timeless
Part 2 – Deja Vu
Part 3 – Intent
Part 4 – Fate
Part 5 – Ragnarok
Part 6 – Un-named
Part 7 – Un-named
Part 8 – Home
Part 9 – Higher
Part 10 – Presence of Mind
Part 11 – Un-named
Part 12 – Un-named
Part 13 – Un-named
Part 14 – Victory
Part 15 – Children

I’ll start posting updates here and get some music up shortly…this shit is getting DONE THIS YEAR!!11!!1!!1