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Andreas from Toontrack has reported some promising news in their forum!


Hi, Dt is going to print within days. We are doing final testing of challenge response right now. We will announcea late november, early december release shortly.


I can’t wait to get my hands on this software! I’m hoping once I get it that I’ll be able to turn around parts 1-4 in about a week…we’ll see. My timeline of being done recording by January is slipping away fast, but hopefully I won’t be too far off.

Part 7 has been extended

For a long time now, I’ve thought that the section at the end of Part 1 just didn’t fit. It was this cool, almost techno-y heavy thing, but just totally out of place. Back in the day when we first started writing all this stuff, there used to be just 30-45 secs of big, spacy dark stuff between parts 1 and 2. So…we’re going to bring that back. This of course knocked several minutes off the total.

I’d been playing around with this 3+ min song/part that I wrote a while back, just heavy, groovy stuff with a couple of cool time signature changes. I’ve gone ahead and found a way to tie the stuff into Part 7, so it’s a nice new chunk of cool stuff!

Part 1 00:08:24 Needs drums mapped X
Part 2 00:11:39 Needs drums mapped X 1st half: 00:30:20
Parts 3-4 00:10:17 Needs drums mapped X
Parts 5-7 00:17:05 Drum tracks done X
Parts 8-15 00:32:13 Drum tracks done X 2nd half: 00:49:18
Total: 01:19:38 (79 min, 38 sec) X