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All parts finalized!

So the lyrics are almost complete…I’ve finally named all the parts appropriately, and I’ve only got to finish the lyrics for the last section.  It’s been incredibly difficult to write a semi-cohesive story to 80 minutes of music.  I hope in the end that it’s actually intelligible to people :-)

Part 1 – Timeless
Part 2 – Déjà Vu
Part 3 – Intent
Part 4 – Fate
Part 5 – Ragnarok
Part 6 – Isolation
Part 7 – Solace
Part 8 – Between
Part 9 – Far Away
Part 10 – Signals
Part 11 – Higher
Part 12 – Presence of Mind
Part 13 – Pestilence
Part 14 – Impulse
Part 15 – Skepsis
Part 16 – Victory
Part 17 – Children

Recording has begun!

Chris and I decided the best place to start was actually in the middle…so I’ve got the project split in two; 1-8 and 9-16.  I started tracking keyboards in Part 9 (Far Away) a few weeks ago.  Besides my usual hardware setup, I’ve started using Arturia’s Analog Factory.  All I can say is WOW!  The sounds are absolutely fantastic.  I’ve never heard analog modeling sound so real, so good before.  Needless to say I’m quite excited about how the keys are coming along.

I spent some time over the last week or so trying to get a bass recording sound that I’m happy with.  After a bit of trial and error, I’m running the Godlyke Deity 10 string through a Hartke VXL Bass Attack, set for a standard mid/bass sound, running direct into the board.  From there I take a parallel out on the Hartke into my Vox AD30 VT guitar amp, which runs mostly mids and highs with some serious gain, which then runs into a different mixing channel.  So I’ve ended up with a really aggressive sound that I think fits the music well.  Time to start recording bass!