Well, the Presence of Mind project appear to be on hold for the moment.  I haven’t done much with the vocals recently, and Mr. Brown has gone into hiding. 

On the other hand, the J. Williams Band should be slated for a show on Friday June 25th, I believe at the Relay for Life in Stratford, CT.  We were supposed to have played at the Relay for Life in Shelton, CT recently, but got rained out.

Also in the way of “new news”, I’ve begun working on a new project with two other guys, Dave (guitar) and Hal (drums).  It’s sounding kind of like a slightly progressive Mudvayne in my opinion, which is hella cool.  Concise songwriting though, and tasty riffs.  We’re entertaining the idea of me singing and playing bass together…I’ve laid down two rough tracks thus far.  I’d still need to learn to play bass and sing again at the same time :-)   We’ll see.