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I spent some time tonight with my 5 string Fender-esque that’s finally put together and working. My good friend Ross once again saved the day by fixing my own boneheaded endeavors into building the thing on my own. I came to the realization a week or so ago that while I can play the bass OK, I’m not much of a builder. He got the thing working great, it’s a whole lot of fun to play, and sounds great. I’ll have to do a full write up on it soon.

In the mean time…how aboot some funkay audio?

I decided I’m recording all the guitars for PoM myself, at least in the capacity of rhythms. Most likely I’ll farm out the solo stuff and/or create new string parts or something.

I’ve taken the initial stab with a mic’d and direct approach. I’m happy with my playing, but not real pumped about the sound. I mic’d my Vox AD30VT-XL with a Sennheiser e609 into my Avalon. I used a Radial Big Shot ABY True Bypass pedal to send a direct guitar signal into my Event Layla, then processed it with Guitar Rig and Amplitube. It sounds OK, but is still a bit lifeless and buzzy in the mids in my opinion. Here’s a clip:


I’ve decided I’m going to build a real live all tube rig and throw a double mic’d cab in the basement in a home made isolation environment…more to come on that soon.

I played through a new-to-me rig at a rented rehearsal space tonight.  Peavey Tour 450 and Ampeg 4×10.  Maybe a BSE410H, it had that newer logo at the bottom middle?

Sounded really good.  I was playing my Veillette Mark IV fretless 5 string in a ska-ish setting.  I haven’t played anything Peavey or Ampeg related in quite sometime…refreshingly clean and punchy.  I left the graphic EQ flat and just tweaked the low, high, and contour knobs a bit.

Kind of cool to just plug in and go on random gear for a change :-)