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Dave and I got together tonight and whipped up some cool stuff.  We wrote/charted out the potential end of the newest Infinitas song, and it sounds pretty good.  We threw down the ideas and lined them up with the existing cut from last practice.  I know I’m hella excited to try it out band style!

The playing is OK, though this was the only/first time we’d ever tried playing all the way through, and we’re still in the middle of writing it.  You can hear me really fall off the 15/16 horse towards the end; groovy ;-)   I joined the live practice session and the studio audio that Dave and I recorded.

And no…the song isn’t really called Yo Mamma…it just doesn’t have a name yet.

A while back, both Ross and I pulled the trigger on a Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day; the Fostex MR-16HD.  The idea was being able to get away from screwing around with a computer and having something you can just plug in to and record with, kind of like the old 4 track days.

Like most advancements in technology prove, this just isn’t the case.  I’ve traded screwing around with a PC for screwing around with the MR-16, trying to get a good sound out of it.  It does excel at ease of recording though, so I’ve found a use for it at band practices.  Once you take the time to get all the levels right, you can capture ideas pretty quickly…4 tracks simultaneously, which is very cool.  From there, I export them off the MR-16 as .wav files and get them back in to Sonar where I can tweak the sound.  So much for avoiding the PC :-)

To that end, here’s some music from some practices with Infinitas (Dave, Hal, myself):

The results?  OK.  It’s a trade off between setting up a laptop, audio interface, and screwing around with software.  I think we definitely need to place our cabs in a different configuration, at least for recording.  The two guitars are slamming the drums and washing some stuff out.  I want to figure out a better way to get Hal’s kick in the mix too.  Not only is it too quiet, there’s no attack on it.  My bass sound could better as well.  I think I may try switching the bass DI OUT from Post EQ to Pre.

At the end of the day though, it’s a useful tool to capture ideas.  As a comparison, here’s some stuff from a practice where we were going in to a laptop running Sonar via a Presonus 1394 (guitar, bass, drums on stereo RCA’s from mixer).  They are older versions of songs, but an interesting contrast.

The J. Williams Band played acoustic style at the Huntington Street Cafe on 12-10-2010. I busted out the double bass for the occasion, despite being a bit rusty. It was the first time I played through my Genz ShuttleMAX 12 and EA VL110 together. Sounded pretty good. My bowing really sucked though…it didn’t help that the hair is crappy and pretty shot. I need to change that. Some pics of the event…