In a strange turn of events, I spent Jan 17th-21st in Bridgeport Hospital.

Long story shorty, after a whole lot of tests (2 Xrays, 2 CAT scans, 1 MRI, a spinal tap, and a shitload of bloodwork), I have something called vestibular neuronitis.  It’s basically all the bad things about being drunk, with none of the good stuff.  The good news is I don’t have a tumor or some other horrible neuro issue, which is what they do all the testing for.  Basically if you rule out all the really bad stuff, you’re left with what I have it seems.  It amounts to some sort of virus/infection/swelling in a nerve that connects your brain to your inner ear.

It’s kind of an odd thing, I’d been having these short episodes of intense dizziness and nausea for about 5-6 weeks prior.  They usually only lasted 30-90 mins, and I figured I was either super dehydrated, or just coming down with something.  I have a physical coming up in Feb, so I figured I’d tell the dr. about it then.  Obviously I didn’t end up waiting that long.  The last episode started last Sunday 1/16 around 3PM, and never ended.  Suze drove me to the dr. on Monday, and they ended up admitting me to Bridgeport Hospital.  The fun unfolded over the week.

Besides being on ‘roids, there’s PT…all sorts of weird motor skills stuff.  I’m at about 50% of some of the normal response and coordination of what I should be.  I basically have to retrain my brain into thinking that my skewed perception is normal, so I stop trying automatically/unconsciously compensate.  It’s kind of like there is a disconnect between my eyes, ears, and the rest of my body.  I tend to be ok when I’m sitting down, but too much motion still has me feeling weird.  My eyesight is kind of screwed up as well, like there’s a disconnect or something, things kind of slurr.  It’s very hard to focus on anything moving, or if I need to switch my focus back and forth between things.  It sort of makes all the normal stuff you just do without thinking really difficult.  I get bad headaches and sharp pains in my head and eyes too.  Oh joy.  As the day wears on, everything gets harder.  I’m home now and pretty much everything is moving…kind of like I’m on a boat in the middle of a typhoon.  The nausea is really fantastic :-)

So…thats the deal.  It sucks, but it could be a whole lot worse.  All of it should just go away with time and effort…weeks or maybe months…I’m looking forward to when that happens.