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I wrote a complete arrangement / new song for the Infinitas project called Pitch Black.  It’s a different song…some really odd tonalities and feels.  Several of the parts are from very late at night where I was in some weird and oddly inspired moods.  I think everything works, though some of the transitions may be a bit challenging.  I’m really happy with it, minus my mediocre guitar playing :)

As with everything, it’s totally open to interpretation and I’m looking foward to seeing what we will do with it as a band.

Room 2.0

I got around to updating my room over the weekend.  Since I haven’t been terribly productive doing anything else lately, I decided it was time for some different surroundings.  The result is more open area to work in, which is nice.

New video monitors for way more screen real estate, my audio monitor placement is much better for both pairs, some of the rack gear is in a better place and more accessable, all my intruments are unobstructed (for the most part), and I’ve got a separate PC for just regular stuff that stays on all the time.  I’m happy with it…for the moment :-)

Status: Own
Born: 11/12/1995
Owned since: 2009
Made in: Germany
Serial number: MCBA 12805
Type: 3/4 size double bass
Body: Fully carved maple back and sides, spruce for the top
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Scale: 41 3/4″
Electronics: Upton Bass Revolution Solo, misc mics
Tuning: E A D G
String spacing: Fixed 27mm
Typically strung with: D’addario Helicore Hybrid medium
Misc: Upton Bass bridge, plated tuners

A while back I bought a new old stock fully carved double bass from Steve Loeb in NYC.  I’d had enough of the EUB world, and although I love my Veillette, it’s just not the same as a DB.  I was lucky to have Steve fish out a darker stain one for me.  I took it to Upton Bass and sunk a few more dollars into it (adjustable UB bridge, new sound post, back lower bout seam fix).  Unlike some other owners, I haven’t had a problem with the stock endpid or taipiece.  For just over 2K, I could not be happier, and it was a steal IMO.  Certainly more bass than I will need for a long time.

Eric at Upton said once the market stablizes (re: Steve’s stock is gone and they’re all out in the wild for a bit), mine will likely be judged/re-assessed for what it is; a fully carved German made bass from quality woods somewhere in Europe (I’ve read czech/romania/slavic).  It seemed like it pained Eric to say it, considering what I paid for it…though I’m sure he’s not the only shop looking forward to the day Steve’s inventory is gone ;-)   I highly recommend Upton for all things DB as well!

A bit more historical stuff from Steve Leob:

“Here’s something I found on a web site of a dealer here on the east coast when I was assessing how to price the Eberle. The bass he refers to was a darker stained fully carved – just like this one. This speaks for the reputation of how it’s built and the value. I’m the “importer” he refers to although Ideal Music has been in business since the late 1950′s and has had a retail string shop since 1970 so we’re hardly just an importer, but I understand I’ve made a number of dealers very frustrated because of how I’ve priced the basses. So keep that in mind as you read this.”

Eberle Double basses were made by the former Musima company in Germany.  Well known for making solid double basses that last and last, the Musima company succumbed to the changing global instrument market in the early 2000′s.   This bass was sold in 1999 by a double bass dealer/importer in Connecticut for approximately $3,000.00.  It is extremely rare to find an instrument of such build and character to go DOWN in price in such a short amount of time, but that is what has happened.  The fall of the Musima company found the remaining stock in the hands of a New York City based importer.  This importer now sells the remaining stock of instruments BELOW what luthiers could buy them for.  This has seriously devalued the Eberle instruments and accounts for the low sales price we have advertised.  Do not let the low sales price fool you, this is a well made bass that will be on this Earth long after most of us have left it!

I’m really enjoying playing this bass.  I’ve tried a few different mics with different mountings thus far, though nothing sounds as good as my Rode NTK.  Unfortunately I can’t really haul that setup around for live use.  I’ve been happy with the tone I’m getting out of my Upton Bass Revolution Solo, but I’ve still been wanting to blend with a mic.  I’ve tried a few different amps and setups, most promisingly with my D-TAR Solstice, but uplinking that to an amp live is a pain.  I recently picked up an Acoustic Image Focus 2R Series III and I’m looking forward to trying some regular portable mics with it.  A while back I made this funky mount out of some old blind holders I found in the basement, and it worked out really well.  Perhaps I’ll give that a spin again.