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In that order.  I found out last minute that they were playing a solo piano thang at Fairfield U here in CT, so I scored front row center tickets for my wife and I.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen that many musicians of that caliber all in a row in one setting.  

All I can say is WOW.  I got a huge lesson in dynamics and finesse that transcends any instrument.

Jacky – Very inspiring.  I had only seen him with a band before, and really wasn’t familiar with his solo work.  He made me realize I tend to restrain myself and hold back too much, instead of just going for it.

Cedar – The definition of musical refinement.  Such a talented player and someone who has made a huge impact and contribution to the world of jazz.

Hiromi – I actually had tears in my eyes.  Her playing makes me believe in the goodness of humanity.  I imagine in 100 years people will still be talking about her.  Absolutely the kind of gift that comes around 1 in a million or more. Being one of my favorite musicians, I had seen her many times in a band setting, but never solo. It was also cool that she did play stuff just from her new solo album, but also covered some of the band stuff with a different vibe.

What did YOU do last night??!!?  ;)

I was fortunate to get to hang out with some really cool guys at a Talkbass related get-together. It was centered around the new nidacore designed fEARful (TM) cabinets. Designed by a gentleman known as greenboy and taken to a new level by Robby Hoinsky from Art of Noise audio.

Long story short, these cabs are nothing short of fantastic. They seem to perform like giant studio monitors (which is the point), with a level of clarity I’ve never heard before in a large speaker cabinet. With Robbie’s advancements in nidacore building, they are surprisingly light for their size as well. So as not to re-hash what’s already been said, check out the links below for more info:

I had a great experience on Ebay with a company listed as “Pocketrunks”;

Pocketrunks items – Get great deals on Super Sale Surface Hdwe Cases items on eBay Stores!

I landed a 32x16x6 ATA case for @$80 to use as a pedalboard and stuff. Showed up in two days and is made very well (in NY I think?). They offer all sorts of different things and the prices will have you thinking that their stuff is crap…it’s not, at least in the sample that I got.

Check out this pics above for how I’ve decided to use it. Since the top/cover is so deep (I don’t think it was originally designed to be a pedalboard case), I’m able to keep my Genz Benz ShuttleMAX 12.0 in there nice and safe. Still plenty of room for my Line 6 M13 and other stuff. Check out my ghetto-fabulous mute button, courtesy of my hair-brained ingenuity. I had bought a Crate mute switch, but it was DoA. Rather than try to buy something else, I created a ground link on the EHX Switchblade (which was just sitting in the closet doing nothing) and ended up with a free mute switch.

Still room for one more pedal in there…