As many of us have come to know, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or G.A.S., is both a bit of a joke and somewhat of a true pain point for musicians.  Something somewhere pointed to legendary guitarist Walter Becker creating the term “Guitar Acquisition Syndrome”, and from my additional reading online, it seems the concept may have originally started with photographers.

Back in the day of the early Internetz, there was the goofydawg GAS Evaluator, which I though was a particularly clever attempt an actually qualifying purchases that may be G.A.S. driven.  That site is no longer around, though with a bit of help from the Way Back Machine, I’ve created my own take on it.  I’d also like to acknowledge a group of non-musician friends that helped me qualify some of the weighting scheme and play out the scenarios a bit.

It’s pretty straightforward; run through the questions, keep track of your score, and then compare your totals to the classifications at the end.  Note that this does not take into consideration trading, or selling an item to get a different item…we all know that’s totally legit and not an indication of anything problematic or impulsive…!!?!?  ;-)

Does this item solve a real issue right now, or is this something I just want to try out?
- Solution (0)
- Experiment (1)
- Purely cosmetic (2)

Am I involved in anything right now that requires this item?
- Yes (0)
- Near future (1)
- No (2)

Have I done research, evaluation, or comparison vs. competing products?
- Yes, extensively (0)
- A little (1)
- None (2)

Do I have the skill to use this item effectively?
- Yes or N/A (0)
- Not immediately, but it will help me grow (1)
- No (2)

Is this item materially different from what I already have
- Yes (0)
- No, but I need a backup (1)
- No (2)

Will this purchase have a significant impact on my available funds?
- No (0)
- Only temporarily (1)
- Yes (2)

Am I paying for this with cash or credit?
- Cash (0)
- Credit, but I will pay off before I accrue fees (1)
- Credit (2)

Final Scoring Classifications
0-4 = You can feel good about making the purchase
5-7 = You should think long and hard about if you really need the item, or if now is really the right time
7-11 = Either now is definitely not the right time, or you really just don’t need the item