I have been playing music since about 1986, when I first took up the piano out of jealousy for my sister getting lessons.  After hearing Steve Harris on the intro to Iron Maiden’s “Invaders” sometime in junior high school, I knew bass was for me.  I’ve since picked up a number of different instruments over the years (mostly for writing), but as a performance and studio musician, I tend to stick with bass (eletric and double).

I also sing, typically only in the context of my own music.  I’ve been known to sing backing vocals in bands though.  I’m a huge wannabee drummer and write most of my parts, though I’m not actually a good drummer per se.  I’ll play just about anything under the sun, and have done quite a bit of session/recording work in all genres. Not really a country fan though :-)

I have been involved in several progressive and jazz/fusion projects over the last few years. I am currently working on finishing a rock opera/concept piece called Presence of Mind. Here and there I try to find the time to work on some other stuff that is funk/rock and jazz. I could definately use a guitarist and horn player(s) for that (most parts are written and can be provided), and possibly a drummer…

I have a modest professional grade home studio, where I handle most of my own stuff.  I’ve had some success collaborating remotely when the opportunity was right…always open for more.

Feel free to contact me at gscroggin@trya.us.