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We were fortunate to have some friends capture some pictures and video of the 2013 Halloween show over at The Space in Hamden, CT.  You can also check out some videos over at Garrett’s YouTube channel:

Yes!!! It’s finally happening!!!  Despite trying to get this off the ground months ago, extensive equipment debacles, life getting in the way and the world being against us, we’ve finally recorded the drum tracks to put an album together!  So far we’ve got the following:

Cellies – 4:42
Jupiter – 2:48
Kuru – 4:34
Lights – 3:46
Obsolete – 5:04
Pitch Black – 5:05
Used – 3:57

You can catch some video of some of the sessions over at Garrett’s YouTube channel:

You can hear a practice sampler of the tracks here:

Very excited to get to recording the geetars and bass…and who knows, maybe even vocals…more stuff in the works!  I’ll try to get some info posted up on the approach and equipment we took with recording the drums as well as some samples.

With the recent Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal of the Day, and some coupon incentives, I took the plunge on the Ashdown LB-30.  I had always wanted a low wattage all tube head, and I particularly loved the LB-30 on paper… I just wasn’t going to pay $899!  Now that I have the amp, I can in hindsight tell you that is it in fact worth that asking price, though as a “nice to have” on the G.A.S. calculator, I’d still be waiting or searching for the reduced price I found it at.

So far I think it’s a really cool amp.  It gets much louder than I expected, though I’ve only paired it with 2×12′s so far.  It took me a while to understand the passive EQ section, but now that I’ve got the hang of it, it’s quite fun and interactive.  Despite getting loud and angry, I wasn’t entirely sure it could keep up with a loud, heavy band practice with Infinitas.  Turns out I was wrong!

Granted it wasn’t the sound I’m typically after, but it was still cool. The bass register wasn’t what I’m used to (thinner and tubby, vs. full and articulate), the midrange was very pronounced, and there wasn’t much articulation higher up in the treble range (or at least it wasn’t cutting through, when I was tapping for example).  You can see the settings in the middle pic above.  In fairness to the Little Bastard (that sounds funny, no?), I didn’t spend a whole lot of time tweaking, I was just curious if it could even keep up.  I was running my Warwick Thumb Custom Shop BO 6 broadneck into the High input on the LB-30 and then into an older Genz Benz NeoX-212T.

As a comparison, I typically run my Genz ShuttleMAX 12.0 with this band.  At practice the Shuttle is typically set with the Gain at max on the tube channel, various EQ settings, and the Master at 2.  We’re a 3 piece, not super loud, but not exactly tame either.  Dave (the guitar player) uses a Mesa Triple Rec through a 4×10.

To be able to really punch through, I needed to boost the input.  I alternated between a Fuzzrocious Oh See Demon and a Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk B. If you own a LB-30 and want any kind of grind or overdrive, you owe it to yourself to get a PPB!  It was already one of my favorite pedals, but it has really opened up another world in front of this amp.  Like I said above, the sound wasn’t super versatile, but if you’re playing any kind of aggressive music and aren’t doing any super extended range stuff, it’s a very cool sound.  I really need to try the same thing with a more traditional passive bass, I think it would be killer.

I grabbed a couple of sound clips with my Zoom H2, and wouldn’t you know, I think I’m actually TOO LOUD in the mix!  Check this out from “Cellies”: Cellies-LB30test.mp3

I looking forward to picking up an Ashdown VS-112 to pair with the LB-30 for a more manageable recording volume.  There’s a great overall review of both the LB-30 and VS-112 in Issue 9 of Bass Gear Magazine, I highly recommend it.

I’ve gone and done it again…another new song for Infinitas.  The upside is that it’s pretty straightforward, it’s short, and it doesn’t let up from the start.  I ended up really inspired after my Aguilar AGRO pedal showed up at my door step.  Really cool pedal, very expressive, makes these cool harmonic overtones…why not write a song?

All the geetar parts are just random stuff I came up with.  There’s nothing over the bridge section only because I couldn’t seem to come up with anything that wasn’t lame…but I make up for it with the Meshuggah inspired ending (minus my bad guitar playing of course).

As always, open to interpretation and subject to change by the band.  But I think it’s pretty awesome already ;)

I wrote a complete arrangement / new song for the Infinitas project called Pitch Black.  It’s a different song…some really odd tonalities and feels.  Several of the parts are from very late at night where I was in some weird and oddly inspired moods.  I think everything works, though some of the transitions may be a bit challenging.  I’m really happy with it, minus my mediocre guitar playing :)

As with everything, it’s totally open to interpretation and I’m looking foward to seeing what we will do with it as a band.

Dave and I got together tonight and whipped up some cool stuff.  We wrote/charted out the potential end of the newest Infinitas song, and it sounds pretty good.  We threw down the ideas and lined them up with the existing cut from last practice.  I know I’m hella excited to try it out band style!

The playing is OK, though this was the only/first time we’d ever tried playing all the way through, and we’re still in the middle of writing it.  You can hear me really fall off the 15/16 horse towards the end; groovy ;-)   I joined the live practice session and the studio audio that Dave and I recorded.

And no…the song isn’t really called Yo Mamma…it just doesn’t have a name yet.

A while back, both Ross and I pulled the trigger on a Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day; the Fostex MR-16HD.  The idea was being able to get away from screwing around with a computer and having something you can just plug in to and record with, kind of like the old 4 track days.

Like most advancements in technology prove, this just isn’t the case.  I’ve traded screwing around with a PC for screwing around with the MR-16, trying to get a good sound out of it.  It does excel at ease of recording though, so I’ve found a use for it at band practices.  Once you take the time to get all the levels right, you can capture ideas pretty quickly…4 tracks simultaneously, which is very cool.  From there, I export them off the MR-16 as .wav files and get them back in to Sonar where I can tweak the sound.  So much for avoiding the PC :-)

To that end, here’s some music from some practices with Infinitas (Dave, Hal, myself):

The results?  OK.  It’s a trade off between setting up a laptop, audio interface, and screwing around with software.  I think we definitely need to place our cabs in a different configuration, at least for recording.  The two guitars are slamming the drums and washing some stuff out.  I want to figure out a better way to get Hal’s kick in the mix too.  Not only is it too quiet, there’s no attack on it.  My bass sound could better as well.  I think I may try switching the bass DI OUT from Post EQ to Pre.

At the end of the day though, it’s a useful tool to capture ideas.  As a comparison, here’s some stuff from a practice where we were going in to a laptop running Sonar via a Presonus 1394 (guitar, bass, drums on stereo RCA’s from mixer).  They are older versions of songs, but an interesting contrast.

Infinitas song page





Obsolete (Yo Mamma)

Pitch Black