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I decided I’m recording all the guitars for PoM myself, at least in the capacity of rhythms. Most likely I’ll farm out the solo stuff and/or create new string parts or something.

I’ve taken the initial stab with a mic’d and direct approach. I’m happy with my playing, but not real pumped about the sound. I mic’d my Vox AD30VT-XL with a Sennheiser e609 into my Avalon. I used a Radial Big Shot ABY True Bypass pedal to send a direct guitar signal into my Event Layla, then processed it with Guitar Rig and Amplitube. It sounds OK, but is still a bit lifeless and buzzy in the mids in my opinion. Here’s a clip:


I’ve decided I’m going to build a real live all tube rig and throw a double mic’d cab in the basement in a home made isolation environment…more to come on that soon.

So I’ve been extremely lax in updating, which I know I need to get better at.  A couple of things:

1. Chris has actually laid down some parts; all of section 9.  We ended up recording him at his place with a laptop.  The set up is:

guitar –> Morley A –> FMR RNP Ch1 –> Presonus 1394 Ch1

                  Morley B –> Gtr processor/amp/cab  –> Sennheiser e609 –> FMR RNP Ch2 –> Presonus 1394 Ch2

Thus far we are getting some good sounds.  I’m working on blending his processed signal from Ch2 with the clean Ch1 signal through Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3.  It’s kind of a PITA as I’ll then need to export/import everything from the laptop to my desktop….but we’ll see how it goes.

2. I picked up an Avalon VT-737SP.  Amazing!  All the vocals will be headed through this unit now…and thus far things are sound great.

3. There’s some preliminary unmixed, instrument only samples here:  Ignore the shitty virtual guitars; they are just placeholders for the time being whilst Chris gets his geetars parts done and I can export them to the main project.