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The J. Williams Band played acoustic style at the Huntington Street Cafe on 12-10-2010. I busted out the double bass for the occasion, despite being a bit rusty. It was the first time I played through my Genz ShuttleMAX 12 and EA VL110 together. Sounded pretty good. My bowing really sucked though…it didn’t help that the hair is crappy and pretty shot. I need to change that. Some pics of the event…

The J. Williams Band played acoustic style at The Space on 08-12-2010. It was nice to get out and play my double bass live, which I had not done in quite a while. I played through my Eden Nemesis N28S, with a direct signal and a mic blended in. It sounded OK, but i also needed a direct out into the house to round out the sound. Some pics of the event…

J. Williams played at the Relay For Life in Stratford, CT on June 25 at Bunnell High School.  It was fun…though just about no one payed attention :-)   I hadn’t played in a gymnasium in a long time…I forgot how terrible the acoustics are.  I did get to play through my new Genz Benz ShuttleMAX 12.0 for the first time though, which was hella cool.  Man, I love that amp.

Some random pics whilst setting up…

Well, the Presence of Mind project appear to be on hold for the moment.  I haven’t done much with the vocals recently, and Mr. Brown has gone into hiding. 

On the other hand, the J. Williams Band should be slated for a show on Friday June 25th, I believe at the Relay for Life in Stratford, CT.  We were supposed to have played at the Relay for Life in Shelton, CT recently, but got rained out.

Also in the way of “new news”, I’ve begun working on a new project with two other guys, Dave (guitar) and Hal (drums).  It’s sounding kind of like a slightly progressive Mudvayne in my opinion, which is hella cool.  Concise songwriting though, and tasty riffs.  We’re entertaining the idea of me singing and playing bass together…I’ve laid down two rough tracks thus far.  I’d still need to learn to play bass and sing again at the same time :-)   We’ll see.

Video from the J. Williams Band show at Up or On the Rocks in Hartford, CT from 3/25/2010.

We’ll be heading to Up Or On The Rocks in Hartford on Thursday, March 21st to play in a battle of the bands.  And…that’s about it.

The J. Williams Band was at Toads Place in New Haven, CT on 12-30-2009, opening for Badfish along with several other bads.  It was a great night, despite being out of place (there was a reggae vibe with most of the other acts), and me having some gear problems.

I love my Marcus Miller preamp.  It is hands down the most versatile and best sounding pre (or amp) that I have ever used or owned (only rivaled by my Genz Benz ShuttleMAX 12).  I can’t imagine wanting to use anything else in a studio environment.  Which is why I was so f*$&ing pissed off when I turned on my rig for the sound check and blew a fuse!

In and of itself, it’s not a huge deal, as I’ve had plenty of blown fuses on gear over my 25+ years as a musician.  They’ve all been on gear that I’ve owned for years though, not months.  Gear that was what I would consider less than professional grade, and gear that also provided quick access to a fuse (for example at the power output receptacle).  Gear that I’ve probably abused along the way somewhere.  The other items in my rack (including the Furman power conditioner) appear unaffected by whatever caused the blow.

Fortunately, the venue had a house Ampeg SVT that I was able to use.  A great unit, which I’ve previously owned, but not exactly the sound I was after; playing a semi-hollow body fretless in an acoustic rock band.  I got this cool grindy sound for the evening, which if I was playing in a Primus cover band would have been perfect :-)   Some of the pictures below probably show my rack and the MM2 unfortunately on the floor…the SVT atop my Avatar cabs.

I’ve since taken the MM2 in for repair only to find that there was a recall on the original fuses used; different size/rating now.  All has been well since.  Some pics of the event…

Time flies

I was just looking back at some of the posts, and noticed two things; I’ve been bad about making updates, and it’s already over a year since I started.  The latter isn’t all that surprising, considering this whole thing has been dragging on for at least 10 years at this point…so many things have happened in the last year, most of them don’t seem terribly good.  Anyway, enough of that bullshit.

The drums for Part 1 are done, and I’m half way through Part 2.  Drumtracker has proved to be quite difficult in my opinion.  I’m making it work, but it’s not at all like I expected (and taking way longer than I had hoped).  I did however purchase Superior Drummer 2.0 a month or so ago.  WOW!  The quality of sound from EZDrummer (which I was obviously already impressed with) is night and day.  I really had no idea just how different the actual sound was with SD2.0 (as opposed to the tons of features I knew about).  Anyway, I built out a kit similar to what I had with EZD, and I’ll be moving all the drums to SD2.0. 

I’m hoping to get through Part 2 this weekend and start on Parts 3 & 4…then recording re-begins for bass and keys.  Still having challenges with the vocals.  I like the recorded sound I’m getting now, I’ve just been incredibly inconsistent.  When I’ve got time to record, I don’t seem to perform too well, and when I’m performing great…I don’t have time to record!  Need to work that out…

I talked to Chris recently and I’m hopeful that he will have time soon to start cranking through the material.  He’s recorded Part 9, and that’s it.  It sounds great, but obviously there’s a long way to go.

On a separate note, I’m supposed to do some recording this week with J and Eric from the J. Williams Band.  We’ll be doing some acoustic stuff at my home studio.  They are great guys and I’m looking forward to it.


The J. Williams Band played acoustic style at the Huntington Street Cafe on 09-25-2009.  I played my Veillette Mark IV 5 string through my Eden Nemesis N28S.  Some pics of the event…

The J. Williams Band was at Uncle Mikes in NYC on 08-07-2009.  Back to back with my first show with JWB the previous night, this one was kind of a comedy of errors.  We didn’t end up going on until 2AM or so!  The music sounded good for the few people that stuck around though.