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OBO will be doing the Thanksgiving eve thang again over at the Lumberyard Pub in West Redding, CT.  We love the Lumberyard!

OBO will be over at the Black Bear Saloon again on Friday night, 11/27. It’s an early show from 7-9, so stop on down in SoNo and do some pre-party night with us ;-)

OBO will be at Bodega in Darien, CT for a “Day of the Dead” show!  Saturday, Nov 2nd  from 8-12 PM.  Come on down and have some fun.

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*** UPDATE ***

Pics from the show over at our Facebook page!

One Bad Oyster played a show in Wilton, CT in support of the Cord Foundation, dubbed the “2nd Annual Great Wilton Scavenger Hunt“.  The event planner Jeff Snyder is a friend of the band, and his daughter Kennedy has been unfortunately battling spinal cord cancer most of her life.  What a great guy and an amazing little girl.

It was a beautiful day for playing outside.  Despite having them for sale at the time, I decided to bring my Schroeder 1212BMF cabs.  IMO, these cabs cannot be beat for power to weight ratio. It’s laughable as to how loud these things are, never mind that you can carry one in each hand with ease. If you are a 4 string player in any sort of loud, live band, I don’t think you can find a better cabinet for being heard through the mix at any range. That said, I don’t always care for the super focused tone and attenuated low end for some types of music that I play.  Nearly every instrument I play these days has a low B, and it’s too attenuated for my tastes sometimes, especially with my Warwick Thumb (which already has kind of an attenuated sound to begin with). I can EQ beef back in via bass and amp, but it’s still not always what I’m looking for.  I recently heard my Genz ShuttleMAX 12.0 through a Genz cabinet and it was to die for (so I picked up a used Neox 212).  For smaller indoor stuff, I’ve been favoring an Aguilar DB112NT paired with my Acoustic Image Focus 2r Series III.

I rediscovered however one of the main things I love about the Schroeder’s; they kick ass outside.  Loud, clear, full, and great throw to the back row.  They’re so light that I can have both set up quickly, and with the AI head I’ve got 4×12″ at 1000W (2 ohm)…tons of headroom!  I also finally had my Ergo 5 string EUB dialed in since buying it.  Even front-ending it with a Fishman B-II preamp, the piezo equipped EUB needs quite a bit of gain to match an active electric bass, so the headroom is welcome.

One Bad Oyster will be playing in Georgetown (West Redding) CT, at the Lumberyard Pub on Friday 9/16/2011.  Stop by, have a drink, and say hi!

One Bad Oyster will be playing a private show in Wilton CT, on Saturday 8/20/2011.  I’d say stop by…but it’s private ;-)

Thanks to several people for snapping some pictures and video from the 2011 Georgetown Day show. The weather held off for us and it turned out to be a good one. We came out of the gate swinging and it wasn’t too bad for our first show.


Video (rather large, but every attempt at cuting them down turns the video sideways!):

Pressure Drop
10 Years
Every Dog Has Its Day
D’yer Mak’er
Rankin’ Full Stop

One Bad Oyster will be making its maiden voyage at Georgetown Day on Sunday, June 12, 2011.  The festival is held yearly along Main Street in Georgetown (West Redding) CT, from roughly 12noon – 7:00pm.  We’ll be playing from around 3-6 at the Lumberyard Pub.

The ska/fun/party band has taken off…Jim has created us a site and started booking some shows. I’m planning on it being 100% double bass for live shows, the guys seem to love it.

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